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Our refrigerator system, the AlkaFridge™ transforms your refrigerator into an oasis for delicious alkaline water and ice.

Featuring the finest state-of-the-art filtration technology made with natural ingredients, the AlkaFridge™ system is designed and manufactured in Europe and the USA, and shipped directly from the USA.

The AlkaFridge’s fresh new design features a high-pressure, one-piece body using solid brass fittings and stainless steel braided compression hoses.

The AlkaFridge™ mounts outside your refrigerator, via the cold water supply line (works equally well with plastic tubing, braided compression or copper line).

Quick and easy installation.

So simple, only a wrench is needed to install!


Fast shipping.

Save time, save money.

Annual filter replacement (not included) $99.00 


AlkaDirect: The best alkaline water value, at the lowest price.

AlkaFridge™ Alkaline Water Refrigerator System

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