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Alkaline Water's Evil Twin

Alkaline Water's Evil Twin
AlkNatural vs. Unnatural Alkaline Water.  
Did you know that there's actually two different types of alkaline water? You've probably heard of electric ionizers. Once you saw the price tag and picked your jaw up off the floor, you were probably assured that electrically ionized water was both "safe" and "good for you". There's always more to the story, and today we're going to talk about what's really up with electrically charged water.
 The way to measure the pH of water is to use pH testing strips or fluid drops. An alkaline pH reading can be a result of 2 things: 1) Natural pH or 2) Unnatural pH. So, lets say we were going to compare two seemingly identical waters. They both have the same pH readout, 9.0 for our example. They may look alike, they may both be alkaline, and they may both come out of an alkaline system, but the truth is that one is an impostor. The first water is artificial and electrically charged (which makes it dangerous to health). It's counterpart, on the other hand, is both alkaline and natural. The second is a mimic to what you find in a natural stream. It's got your best intentions in mind. Which would you choose to drink?
 Ionizers: Unnatural Electric Water? Electric Water ionizers actually split apart water molecules with electricity to make artificial alkaline water. How so? All of the water found in nature has a pH that perfectly corresponds to the minerals in the water. So what happens when you drink any alkaline water, is your body assumes it is receiving alkaline minerals, like calcium and magnesium. The problem with drinking electrically ionized water is that your body will assume it's receiving more alkaline minerals than there are in the water. Health issues typically ensue.


 Paying an enormous amount of money for an electric ionizer which produces artificially alkaline water seems crazy, right? Well, for the giant companies manufacturing electric ionizers, making safer, just as effective natural alkaline water machines costs more. Plus, it would be difficult to change gears after accumulating so much profit, flooding the market with electric ionizers, and sticking to their guns. We can't expect them to stop producing electric water ionizers, but we can choose naturally alkaline water. Customers just don't know the difference between the two systems, and need to be educated on the issue. Stepping into the future, better systems are now affordable and easy to install. Natural alkaline water machines are the clear choice. Water-Revolution has a wide range of all-natural alkaline water systems available.


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