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DirectConnect™ Installation

DirectConnect™ Installation

AlkaDirect's New DirectConnect™ SystemEasy DirectConnect™ Alkaline Water System Installation - about 10 minutes Water-Revolution's new DirectConnect™  System is designed so that the high quality equipment installation is fun, simple and easy! Simply install the system under the counter directly into the tubing (called a faucet riser tube) that's already used to flow water to your existing faucet. 99% of all faucets have faucet risers that connect using a 3/8" compression nut at the Cold Water Supply Valve location. All that's needed is a small well designed adjustable crescent wrench to loosen and tighten these nuts to make connections. I say small wrench, because of tight clearance issues underneath sinks. A wrench with a smaller handle size is often more desirable and a very good one is included with every DirectConnect™ system. Here's the simple steps to follow for typical installation of the DirectConnect™ System:


  1. Place some old large bath towels on the floor of the cabinet to lean on.
  2. Use a small bucket or stove pot as a way to catch the small amount of excess water that will run off from hoses when they're disconnected.
  3. TURN OFF (turn Clockwise) the Chrome cold water supply valve, typically located on the right side of your sink base cabinet.  Test water at the faucet to make sure its off and the Cold Water was the correct valve.  *You should still be getting Hot Water at the tap.
  4. Use the included adjustable crescent wrench to turn and loosen the metal nut that connects the faucet riser tube to the Chrome Cold Water Supply Valve.  *Water will drip from this loosened connection! Run the dripping water into the small catch bucket or stove pot.
  5. Attach the steel braided high pressure tubing (included with device) directly onto the chrome supply valve, working carefully to ensure that you do not cross thread the nut. Once the nut is positioned squarely on the threads, then you can tighten firmly until embedded rubber o-ring is tight.
  6. Attach other end of steel braided tubing to Brass male connector on INLET side of water device. Tighten squarely and firmly using same procedure as previous Step 5.
  7. If a water Vortisizer™ magnetic - crystal energy water vortexing device is desired (sold separately) it should now be installed in between the DirectConnect™ device and the existing faucet riser tube.
  8. Use another one or two sections of steel braided tubing together with required brass coupling nipples (all included) to connect exit end of water device to existing cold water side faucet riser tube. *This was the tube that was disconnected previously in Step 4.
  9. TURN ON and open (turn counter clockwise) the Chrome Cold Water Supply Valve.
  10. You should now have a new continuous water circuit that flows all cold water at sink faucet through the DirectConnect™ device. Enjoy your delicious alkaline energized drinking water!

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