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The Helix Energizer™ Whole-Home Affordable Structured Water

The Helix Energizer™ Whole-Home Affordable Structured Water

Water is the most abundant substance on earth, so how is it possible that we know so little about its true purpose?  Most of us were taught in school that H2O, comprised of two Hydrogen molecules and one Oxygen molecule is essential to all life as we know it.  Of course from a pure chemical perspective, this is accurate. The true purpose of water however, as an energy transfer medium, and its informational frequency exchange behavior throughout the body, is not generally understood.  Water in the body is the key physical transport mechanism that allows each of us to  interpret our emotions, our touch senses, in essence our feelings. This means that the care and control of our body’s internal biowater is absolutely essential to our mental and spiritual wellbeing and happiness.


“Water is the driving force of all nature”.  -Leonardo Da Vinci-

Many of us have been amazed by the fantastic crystalline-shaped images revealed by Masaru Emoto in his popular books showing how consciousness, intention, and emotions affect the structure of water’s molecules.  It’s true, raw water (in its raw natural structure) is a liquid crystalline substance capable of amazing feats. This was proven by renown researcher and scientist Dr. Marcel Vogel.  Dr. Vogel was a revered research scientist employed by IBM for most of his career, and is thought to be the discoverer of the modern liquid crystal display (LCD) technology.  He was awarded over 100 patents during his tenure with IBM.  Of the many things that Dr. Vogel pioneered, perhaps the greatest of all was the linking of human consciousness and frequency (thought energies of  the mind) to the liquid crystalline nature of water. This continues to reveal itself to us everyday through sacred geometric patterns and forms.  *You may recall how crystals are used in radio instruments for the transmission of sound frequency.

He showed how water becomes more naturally structured by the effect of crystal-transmuted energy playing on and arranging the layers of molecules in water.

This is what we’re more precisely describing when we talk about the “memory of water”.  Looking further, one can start to see how since our body is over 99% water (by means of molecular count), just how our own body’s water can also become structured through the influence of positive frequencies including sound and organic music.  Think 528 frequency research by Dr. Len Horowitz.

Dr. Vogel showed us how when water is organically structured, its state is changed into a liquid crystal pallet and can display incredibly beautiful shapes, similar to how ice crystals and snowflakes are formed.  He also showed how “human thought” (essentially also frequency) can permanently alter water’s molecular valence bonds as measured by a spectrophotometer.   We also learned how certain crystal formations, natural or man-made, can focus frequency into a water matrix, and will in fact alter that new arrangement in permanent ways, until re-altered or re-structured again.

In reviewing Dr. Volgel's information, I had quite a few questions:  

1.  Is it possible that human thoughts, emotions and consciousness are transmitted using water structure from one person to another, or even across a whole group of people?  

2.  Are there focused and designed organic frequencies that we need to receive in  order to live life to our fullest potential?  

3.  Is our base DNA structure really just an elaborate “Helical Crystal Antenna Structure” that can actually send and receive frequency signals?  

Today’s latest magnetic and resonance-reading technology allows us to see many of the hidden relationships that water has to itself.  We can now compare molecular positioning and structuring allowing Vogel’s revelations about how frequency and consciousness alter water to become validated by modern science.  We can now even see just how very different water’s structural patterns are in healthy cells versus diseased cells.

As we move forward in our research, we believe that these discoveries concerning water’s structural behavior will ultimately bridge much of the gap of understanding that exists between science and spirituality.

 “Ultimately, a theory that would adequately explain the existence of structured water would also explain the connection between mind and matter”.            -Dr. Marcel Vogel-

Basics of Homeopathy

How can simple water, no matter how it’s structured or molecularly arranged, serve to promote healing? It’s quite simple actually.  The entire theory and process of Homeopathy, as charted by Samuel Hahnemann in the late 1700’s, is based on “The Law of Similars”, or as some term it, like treating like”.

*There is a statue dedicated to Samuel Hahnemann near Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C.

Homeopathy is a method of promoting wellness by stimulating the body’s own natural immune processes using the frequencies of incredibly diluted solutions of natural organic materials.  These are then further diluted to the point where only water remains.  The reason this is effective is because the frequency of the organic materials imprint and re-arrange or “structure” the water’s molecules in a certain formation.  The body’s highly-tuned sensory systems pick up on, and respond to, this structural catalyst by generating its own particular biowater structure (molecular arrangement).  Remarkably, the verifiable chemical make-up of the water remains completely unchanged.

After this lengthly dilution process, there is no organic material left in the water… none, zero, not even one detectable molecule.  Hence, we see that this formational change cannot be detected by traditional chemical science, however, the newly arranged or structured water can have a strong impact on health.  We like to say the water is now “in-formation.”  Coincidental wordplay?  You decide.

Quantum Effects at Work with Water

In a recent public release, Nobel Prize winning biologist, Luc Montagnier, video-recorded a lengthy and carefully assembled experiment. He started with a virus in water, which was then ultra-diluted in a homeopathic solution, down to infinitesimally small proportions (so no molecular evidence of the virus remained in solution). Then, this newly structured water’s memory (or frequency recording) was digitally transmitted through the internet using sound waves.   This signal actually served to infect another pure water sample, miles away, in another neighboring country. The fantastic results from this study proved several long-held theories about how the structure and memory of water can affect biology.  We also see that there is much more to the possibility of using frequency transmission to remotely affect health.

Montagnier also showed in another experiment how when two containers of water, one charged with a specific DNA frequency, and then another of just pure water, were kept entirely separated (but close in proximity), how the DNA frequency actually transferred across empty space from the one into the other, but only when both were also exposed to the organic earth frequency continuously for at least eighteen hours. (*Think two separate devices, both tuned to a central network).

The Development of the Helix Energizer™ Structured Water Device for the Home

Six years ago, we began the process of designing a series of water devices that took advantage of the more natural ways that true wild organic water structures itself. The goal was that through the use of this device, everyone could experience this new structuring technology in their own homes, and do it in a cost effective and easy-to- install method.

The flow form technology was designed to take advantage of natural based water flow movement, industrialized-frequency pattern erasing and positive natural frequency imprinting.

Because of our fifteen-plus year experience (since 2007) in designing, manufacturing and marketing energizing water equipment, we also knew that these devices had to be water tight under higher-than-normal typical home water pressure.  And also, the ease of installation by novices and homeowners were  also very important.

Another chief consideration was the size of the devices. We knew that the units had to be conveniently small in size, and that they also had to be easy for any novice homeowner to handle and install across a wide variety of various individual site plumbing conditions. We also strived for rock solid construction.

The Helix Energizer™ device now available through Water-Revolution, LLC, is the highest value such device available, and far exceeds all of the initial design and manufacturing standards of excellence.  Similar devices sold elsewhere, are up to five times times the cost, and not as pressure durable, or as easily installed.

How does the Helix Energizer™ work?

The device re-structures the water that flows through it, and accomplishes this with no moving parts, no consumable components to replace, and rock-solid durable construction.

While the water is vortexed into a double helical flow pattern, it also passes through an energy chamber comprised of magnets, very specially sourced crystal media, and other rare earth energy materials that will imprint the vortexed water with key natural frequencies known to promote the body’s own healing and wellness functions. These serve to break down large unstructured and random groupings of water molecules (also called clusters), into smaller more symmetrically and naturally arranged clusters that exhibit the properties of more organically wild water.

What this means for the average homeowner is increased hydration, imprinted water with more natural and holistic healthy frequencies, and greater wellness potential overall. Further reported results include increased energy, better digestion, weight loss, improved taste and water texture enhancement.

Many have also reported increased growth in agriculture and plants. And, of course, pets often prefer drinking energized water over other over tap or machine purified water.

Super Simple Installation

The devices also use the easiest to install quality lead-free plumbing connection technology available.  Both the whole house and under sink models can be installed by laypersons in less than 30 minutes, and both are easily removable, and then re-usable again, if the client move locations.  Very handy install tools are also provided with each unit.

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Water-Revolution Model Comparison Chart

Water-Revolution Model Comparison Chart

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Real Talk: Is Hydration Key?

Real Talk: Is Hydration Key?

Let's Talk About Hydration

 There are so many people who feel tired, sick, and experience mental fog because of severe dehydration. Some people drink only a glass or two of water a day, and we all know someone who doesn't drink any water at all.

 While we all love the convenience of bottled water, it's simply not a long term solution. Bottled water is both expensive and environmentally dangerous. Coming to this realization is one of the many reasons people opt for a home water unit. A great way to drink as much water as you need every day is to source water from your own home and carry a refillable bottle (we recommend glass) with you and sip throughout the day. This way, you can leisurely hydrate and help promote overall health while at work, in the car on the go, and during after school activities with your kids. You'll probably feel so much better drinking more water.

 The body achieves homeostasis only when every bodily function is in check and thriving. Don't drink water and choose soda or juices only, and everything is thrown out of whack. Skip your greens awhile, skimp out on fiber intake, or miss meals... We've all been there and we all know how bad we feel when we put diet and health on the back burner! Could the answer to big health problems be so simple? What if you're so dehydrated that the health problems were stacking up as a consequence? What if drinking more water made you feel better in the first week? Sure, there's more to the story than simply drinking more water.

 It's hard to make sure everything on the to-do list is checked off. At the end of the day, there's usually more to be done. Some things take time to fix. But taking control of your water intake is so important that it's worth giving awesome hydration a chance. You'll probably feel better in the first week and you'll be able to tackle that to-do list, and give life a run for its money.


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Dr Recommended pH Water for Weight Loss

Dr Recommended pH Water for Weight Loss

 For the past decade, hundreds of chiropractors and other natural health doctors have been vigorously recommending alkaline water to their patients to assist in a variety of health related wellness programs. Typically, doctors charge patients $3.00 and up per gallon for alkaline water. It's a fast-selling product nationwide. Most doctors and retailers are using the high frequency water to aid in helping patients achieve their weight loss goals. The reports of weight loss in conjunction with alkaline water consumption are overwhelming! The alkaline pH water has the unique ability, due to its inherent energy factors, to nutritionally satisfy to a much higher degree than typical tap, purified or bottled water.

 People notice the taste and the increased hydration alkaline pH water provides. It's also interesting to note, that, once patients start drinking the alkaline pH water for a health program, the positive results that they achieve compel them to continue choosing to drink it forever. Now that natural alkaline water is affordable and convenient to install, it's easier than ever to make the shift to alkaline water for you and your entire family. Water-Revolution offers a wide range of alkaline water systems. It's simple to chose the best system for you, whether you want the convenience of alkaline water in your home, or you want to set up an alkaline water system for commercial use in your office. Be sure to check our our Residential and Commercial models under the Products tab, or contact us for more information!


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